Know About Rosevit Kitchen Sink

A Professional Kitchen enterprise with a collection of design, Productions, sale and services which has been showing good result since 2013. our product's row materials are specially selected, designed with fashion,precisely produced, and with quality inspection for many times, and make the classic product in the area of modern kitchen and bathroom Industry.

To materialize a combined development of kitchen brand, we have been constantly sharpening our competitive edge by the exploring vigorously new market outlet, persistent with the nucleus bussiness philosophy, "Be the best integral solution of kitchen and bath decoration", We are leading ahead in the integral kitchen market in domesting india by our fashion and individuality. After efforts of many year, we have already widespread sales channels of our products throughout the domestic india as well as many countries and regions overseas.

Rosevit products are made through the imported professional productions equipment and combined with mature technologies. so all the product maded carefully for kitchen and bathroom have the advantages of graceful shape being safe and practical fashionable and convenient. There by, it come into being such a series of products. Top-grade stainless steel sinks, floor drain & bath accessories etc.

Classic style and luxury style are the two stainless steel sinks lines offered by ROSEVIT to its customers, with different functional and aesthetic characteristics, to cover entirely the commercial demand, keeping both on the top step of their respective market segments.


Range, versality, service, attention to environment and safety of the end-user: time and experience have enriched the know-how of ROSEVIT, which responds with accuracy and effciency to the requests coming from partners, also the most demanding, and to the changed market requirements.

History of Rosevit Kitchen

Performance and absolute value of the stainless steel AISI 304 18/8, to be added to the design and manufacturing quality that are 100% made in india:a big success over five Years that make of ROSEVIT always a Winning choice, both for stainless steel sinks, Floor Drainer, Bath Accessories.


A technical and industrial asset that has led the company to the top of his sector as witnessed by the significant percentenge of market covered and the cooperation with most of the major kitchen manufactures.

Our Features

1 mm Thickness
AN AISI 304(18/8) Stainless Steel
Dual Sound Absorbtion